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:O ftm!kurt fics? have you got any links? :D

Here you go. It’s a masterlist and everything, so have at it anon!

I also found some awesome FTM!Sherlock here and I enjoyed this FTM!John story that I read too.

Warnings for FTM sex, transphobia, pro-noun mix ups, etc.

(I was also thinking of writing an FTM!Eleven fic, but I don’t really know what I’d do with it or how that would even work given my take on Time Lords and gender.)

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  1. crystalsoulslayer said: You know, it’s entirely possible that Time Lords could regenerate into a different sex without their minds being considerate enough to adjust to it, or that they could have swappable parts—most of them being one sex and a bit being another.
  2. donotlookatthedogpark said: …Regenerate into a female and then spend the entire time like “this is not working out”? It’s possible. My father has been in the fandom since Baker. We’ve discussed this at length.
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