If you had to give the new Doctor Who episode a rating from A to F what would you grade it?

  1. whogrooveson answered: B+
  2. awkward4lyf answered: c
  3. jomarch answered: B-
  4. ataritastic answered: B
  5. itiselizabeth answered: B
  6. elrelin answered: A
  7. the-toth answered: B+
  8. timetravelingimpala answered: C
  9. madi-anne answered: B
  10. ossidi answered: A solid B!
  11. nixievans answered: maybe a B
  12. ladyjinora answered: B
  13. prettyspryforacorpse answered: Solid B. Plot was a little wonky but everything else was great. Chemistry between Clara and Doctor is fantastic
  14. altliviadunhams answered: A
  15. thehufflepuffwholeaptthroughtime answered: B- maybe
  16. quintotoro said: AN A-???
  17. zoneangel answered: A-.
  18. vaes-tolorro answered: B! nice plot but I’m not sure if I like clara..
  19. bloody-rainbows answered: C
  20. bbanditt answered: A+++++
  21. jennasavocado answered: B+
  22. poisonisley answered: B+. Great chemistry, interesting way to set up the rest of the series with the Great Intelligence
  23. queeninthenorthh answered: B because the plot was eh but overall it was enjoyable
  24. soufflegirloswinoswald answered: solid A
  25. eleventh-regeneration answered: B
  26. mybeautifulidiot answered: B because the characters/chemistry was great but the episode was pretty pointless
  27. gwladus answered: C
  28. sweets-and-tea answered: A+, i love how sassy Clara is
  29. sgtfarron answered: I’d give it a B, it was a solid episode. Not one of the best, but definitely good enough. The chemistry between them was really good too.
  30. malcks answered: probably a B
  31. provenmetal answered: B+
  32. jumping---theberlinwall answered: B
  33. valirians answered: I’d give it a B
  34. cassandraoftroy answered: Fair C+
  35. hogwartshiddenswimmingpool answered: B+ Loved everything but the ending, a bit too quick for me. But LOVED everything else!
  36. citykidsoul answered: C, the only thing I liked were matt and jenna as for the story line, meh didn’t think much of it
  37. theoriginsof answered: B
  38. tasty-kate answered: B+
  39. muchmoremajestic answered: B+ because I loved the chemistry but I do wish they released less promos it kind of took away from the surprise
  40. no-jo-das answered: C
  41. howweperceivethings answered: B
  42. windows9x answered: the last 10 min or so was the only good part i give it a C-
  43. sunsetrainbows answered: B
  44. thiswideuniverse answered: B (plot was kinda “huh?”, but Jenna-Louise Coleman was awesome!)
  45. punkerwin answered: B
  46. steven-moffat answered: B+
  47. rhaegale answered: B+
  48. queenofangmar answered: C
  49. luketritons said: D

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