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food is not a trigger. if someone actually claims to be triggered by pictures of food then they need to 1) stop trolling or 2) actually leave their computer and see real life. also see, "tw vomit" "tw needles"

Uh, it actually is for people who have/had eating disorders. 

Also, vomit and needles can be triggers too. 

Thanks for yr holier-than-thou opinion!

Feb 8th    ♥ 20

  1. southcarolinaboy said: Damn, these anti-trigger warning trolls are too oversensitive. if they can’t stand the thought of people wanting to look out for each other, maybe they should shut off the computer and find something else to do
  2. citykidsoul said: I get anxious when I just see a needle in a image put on near me it’s a panic attack for sure people need to think making assumptions about things like this. Just because you don’t think it’s a trigger doesn’t mean it isn’t for someone else
  3. wellfourthings said: I genuinely hate your anon from just now. That was awful. As a note, with reference to food, it can also be a trigger for people whom have had food used as a form of psychological warfare or straight up abuse against them. Just wanted to say.
  4. grumblehugs said: im triggered by vomit ugh this anon is awful. triggers can be LITERALLY ANYTHING
  5. dicktective-archive said: wow fuck you anon i am triggered by food.
  6. inchcape said: I’m scared as fuck of needles.
  7. jmalfroy said: omg anon why do you care if someone else takes a second to include a trigger warning on a post it literally has no effect on your life????
  8. wheresmythief said: …That’s just very close minded of them. One person can’t decide what does and does not trigger someone. It’s relative to each person. They have no idea what factors will precipitate a certain behavior in someone because everyone’s different.
  9. notyoudavebrown said: (i was liking bc of your response, not their ask!)
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