Shows I plan on watching during winter break:

To be updated at some point.

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  3. fowlls said: the hour is good, bones is good only for awhile, teen wolf you despise, then love, then hate.
  4. magiifox said: Teen Wolf is absolutely redonculous. I’ve been itching to watch Once Upon A Time at some point because I keep seeing GIFs on my Dash all the time.
  5. incywincymouse said: Not irrelevant text post at all! Its reminded me that I have a list too, though its currently hiding or something. xD Also, good choices. :D
  6. maldovar said: THE HOUR YES GOOD
  7. lostwithoutmyconsultingdetective said: Proud of you for choosing Boardwalk Empire and Once Upon a Time. They are awesome and good luck. *hands you tissues*
  8. ewanmaxwell said: OMFG ENJOY THE HOUR IT IS THE BEST