watching criminal minds

reading harry potter (for the hundreth time)

listening to maroon 5's new album
mind the gap
matt. 20. history and sociology major. entp. 7w6. mostly gryffindor. house tyrell. upstate sc. constantly thinking about the social sciences and humanities.


Shows I plan on watching during winter break:

To be updated at some point.

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  3. fowlls said: the hour is good, bones is good only for awhile, teen wolf you despise, then love, then hate.
  4. magiifox said: Teen Wolf is absolutely redonculous. I’ve been itching to watch Once Upon A Time at some point because I keep seeing GIFs on my Dash all the time.
  5. incywincymouse said: Not irrelevant text post at all! Its reminded me that I have a list too, though its currently hiding or something. xD Also, good choices. :D
  6. maldovar said: THE HOUR YES GOOD
  7. lostwithoutmyconsultingdetective said: Proud of you for choosing Boardwalk Empire and Once Upon a Time. They are awesome and good luck. *hands you tissues*
  8. ewanmaxwell said: OMFG ENJOY THE HOUR IT IS THE BEST