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Do you think a Time Lord can regenerate into a non-cisgender person?

I have a lot of ~feels~ about Gallifreyans and gender actually. 

I used to think in a very human perspective, which is that if the Doctor ever did regenerate as a “female” he would still feel like a dude ‘cause that’s his gender identity, you know? 

But watching The Doctor’s Wife made me question that idea because to me it almost seemed like a) changing into another gender wasn’t that uncommon and b) it wasn’t a big deal and they just went along with it. 

I’d say there’d always be a possibility (or well, was) for a Time Lord/Time Lady to regenerate into a non-cis person, but those are still human terms and there’s no clear indication of how Gallifreyans saw gender. 

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  1. moriartyinasuit said: Apparently time lords can switch gender but only if they commit suicide (which is really frowned upon by Gallifreyian society.). I read it somewhere that had heaps of Time Lord facts. But this makes me think that if the Master comes back, he should be a woman ;)
  2. aceinnatailsuit said: I got the feeling from that that Time Lords could change, but had some control over it. The Doctor’s pretty male identified, so that’s why he’s had only male bodies. If he regenerated into a female body, I’d expect him to still identify as male…
  3. on-stolen-time said: Maybe it is not a big deal for some or most of them, but maybe some of them have preferences like the Doctor and the Master.
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    > but that “I’m a girl!” comment kinda made me think that he does feel like a guy, but yes, I do agree with everything...
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